Artfinder's impact: 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has affected us all in so many ways. As a marketplace built on a strong community of artists, we are proud to be launching our first ever B Corp annual impact report, shouting about all the good stuff we do, alongside our artist community, for people and planet. Also, let us introduce 'Project kindness', a place to pool our resources, contacts and creativity throughout this difficult time.

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We’re releasing our first Impact Report at an incredibly challenging time for many. In 2019, we certified as the art world's first B Corp, officially committing to a belief we have always held, that purpose and profit can go hand in hand. 

Our first ever B Corp impact report

This year's highlights:

We helped more artists make a living (In 2019, 73% of our artists said Artfinder contributed to an increase in their income, up from 68% in 2018)

Team Artfinder planted 200+ trees with Trees for Cities

We helped raise awareness of climate change through our art project with Octopus Energy, donating commission on artworks sold to renewable energy charity, Renewable World

We continued to close the art world gender pay gap. From 2017–2019, men increased the price paid for their artwork by 21% and women by a huge 29%

We switched our customer return shipments to be carbon offset through DHL’s Go Green scheme

Our community of artists are always being kind. They do it without being asked. And when we do ask, their responses are overwhelming.

We're dedicating this site to our brilliant community and sharing their stories of kindness. We'll also be sharing these stories on our social media, blog and by email.

Have you done something kind lately? From Kev Munday and his free colouring posters to our art for hospitals project, have a read of the stories below and if you have your own act of kindness to share do get in touch. Similarly, if you need something and you think the Artfinder community could help, do let us know!

Project kindness

Kindness #1: Art for hospitals - in response to a call out from North Middlesex University Hospital

Last week we received an email from a large NHS hospital. It said:

“We are creating a wellbeing room for our NHS colleagues, somewhere they can go to during their shift after experiencing trauma to decompress and speak to wellbeing advocates. We have commandeered a room for this which we have furnished with some chairs and cushions. The walls are peeling and we wanted to hang up some soothing images so it looks less institutional and is somewhere that is relaxing for a short time frame before returning to the wards. Lots of businesses are closed and I wondered whether you would be able to do a call out to your artists as to whether they would be willing to donate a piece for us."

We put a call out to our artists and the donations have started flooding in. This project is still open and we would love to expand it. If you are a hospital that would like some art, or an artist who would like to donate, please do contact us on

Number of artworks currently

on their way to hospital:


One of our bestselling artists Kev Munday recently made a colouring poster that was for sale through IKEA. To do his small part to help people get through this tough time of enforced self isolation, he's decided to add them to his website for anyone to print and colour at home for free. What a hero! 

Kindness #2: Free IKEA colouring posters from artist Kev Munday

Here are the latest kind words from our customers...

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